Overland Park Fathers’ Rights Lawyer

Kansas and Missouri courts agree that fathers play an important role in children's lives. Gone are the days when mothers are automatically given full custody. Today, courts prefer to divide parenting time between parents.

I am lawyer Sarah Carmody. I help fathers get the custody and visitation time they need to build and maintain meaningful relationships with their children.

At my law firm serving Kansas City metro area communities including Leawood, I focus my energies on protecting minor children and ensuring my clients' rights as parents are respected.

Enforcing Your Rights As A Father

At Sarah Carmody Law, LLC, I believe children should have the opportunity to build a relationship with both of their parents.

I work closely with my clients to get them the custody and parenting time they deserve. I also help fathers obtain fair child support orders that accurately account for the time they spend with their children.

If your child's mother is violating existing custody and visitation orders and denying you access to your children, there are steps you can take to enforce your rights. Kansas and Missouri courts in Johnson County, Jackson County and Clay County take denied access situations seriously. At Sarah Carmody Law, LLC, I will help you gain access to your children and take steps to prevent denied access in the future.

Shawnee Paternity Attorney

If you have a child outside of marriage, your rights as a father are very limited. Even signing the birth certificate is not enough to gain legal rights to custody and visitation. Without a legal right to parenting time, your parent-child time is subject to the whim of your child's mother.

If the mother of your child decides to move away and effectively terminate your father-child relationship, you can't stop her.

At Sarah Carmody Law, LLC, I help fathers get the parenting time they need to develop strong bonds with their children.

Many fathers worry that bringing a paternity suit will result in large child support payments. What many don't realize is that the state can pay for unwed mothers' child support actions. If you don't establish legal paternity, you may end up paying child support for a child you have no legal right to see.

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