Mediation For Family Law Disputes: The Right Choice For Many

Mediation is a cost-effective, private, client-driven form of dispute resolution that works well for many families.

Attorney Sarah Carmody mediates disputes between parties going through a divorce, modification, custody issue, or other parenting matter. She can mediate uncontested or contested matters as well as an entire case or just part of the case. Many times a neutral third party can help couples resolve their issues without the necessity of expensive drawn out litigation.

From my law offices in Olathe, I consult with and represent clients from communities throughout Johnson County, Kansas, including Mission, Leawood and Overland Park, and throughout Jackson and Clay counties in Missouri.

Common Areas Of Disagreement In Divorce And Child Custody Cases

As discussions more forward regarding a marital breakup, it is common for couples to realize they need help resolving sticking points of disagreement. Difficult areas may involve property division, spousal support, child custody, child support or modifications (after a divorce is final).

Which Way To Settlement? Negotiations, Litigation Or Family Law Mediation?

In many cases, settlement negotiations can lead to workable answers. Many of my family law clients arrive at property division agreements and child custody arrangements through negotiations.

Tough disagreements may make trial seem inevitable, but remember, going to trial is typically the most ineffective, inefficient and costly route. A judge with little knowledge of your family will be forced to make decisions that will affect you and your family for years to come.

Mediation, however, offers a way to keep control of the resolution process in the hands of the people who will live with the results. With the help of a family law mediator, a couple going through divorce or child custody negotiations can craft their own binding agreements.

Benefits Of Mediation

Many people who have gone through mediation say it was a positive, forward-looking experience. Some say it helped them prepare for post-divorce communications related to ongoing co-parenting. Mediation may or may not save time and money, but it helps many participants avoid the pitfalls of a traditional courtroom divorce process.

I Am A Family Law Mediator; I Also Represent Clients Going Through Divorce Mediation

I welcome inquiries from family law attorneys as well as individuals or couples looking for a productive strategy for arriving at the resolutions necessary to complete a divorce or put child custody arrangements in place. I can serve as a neutral mediator or represent my clients as they work with another family law mediator.

Contact Sarah Carmody Law, LLC, For Guidance On Family Law Mediation In The Kansas City Area

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