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Children deserve to have relationships with both their mothers and their fathers. At Sarah Carmody Law, LLC, I — attorney Sarah Carmody — help fathers get the parenting time they need to develop meaningful relationships with their children.

Serving Kansas City area communities including Leawood, Kansas, Sarah Carmody Law, LLC, represents fathers throughout the metro area in both Kansas and Missouri.

Establish Paternity. Protect Your Father-Child Bond.

In Missouri and Kansas, the law recognizes the important role fathers play in the lives of their children. However, when children are born outside marriage, there are additional steps unwed fathers must take to establish their rights to custody and visitation.

Many fathers believe signing their child's birth certificate or acknowledgment of paternity entitles them to parenting time with their child. This is not the case. Even when mothers and fathers agree on the paternity of their child, fathers must be judicially declared the legal father before having the right to custody or visitation.

Establishing legal paternity is important. In addition to giving your child a sense of identity, it ensures you have the right to custody and visitation with your child. It also gives you a voice when decisions regarding your child's health, education and general welfare need to be made.

At Sarah Carmody Law, LLC, I help fathers file paternity actions in Johnson County, Jackson County and Clay County that establish their paternity and protect their father-child bonds. A DNA test alone does not establish paternity rights. Even where there is no dispute as to the father of a child, the father needs to protect his relationship with his child by filing a paternity action.

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I understand that speaking with a lawyer can be intimidating. I strive to provide an open, low-stress environment in which fathers get honest, direct answers to their child custody, visitation and support questions.

Taking steps to legally establish paternity does not have to result in a custody battle. At Sarah Carmody Law, LLC, I often use mediators to help mothers and fathers work together to establish custody and visitation schedules that both parties can agree to.

The state can pay for unwed mothers' child support actions. This means you may be liable for child support but have no parenting time with your child. Don't let your relationship with your child be subject to the whims of your child's mother. Establish your paternity and protect your rights as a father.

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