Same-Sex Legal Issues

Same Sex Marriage & Divorce

The law is changing rapidly in the area of same sex marriage and divorce and you need to have an experienced attorney who keeps up with those changes. I personally understand the issues that affect the LGBT community and can help my clients through these sometimes unique circumstances.

Divorce is a difficult time for everyone. I work with all types of families to provide the best outcome for each individual situation.

Since all marriages are now legally recognized throughout the county, the divorce process is actually very similar in most cases. This major change makes working with a lawyer who keeps up with the issues vital to anyone currently going through a divorce of thinking about divorce.

Same Sex Divorce Lawyer

If you are in a same-sex relationship or married, you are entitled to the same rights and opportunities to end a relationship that are afforded to heterosexual couples. You may have concerns about property ownership, asset allocation, shared debts and bills, personal property division and issues dealing with children. I work with gay and lesbian couples to resolve their issues as I would work with anyone else. My main focus is and always has been on the best interest of the children. I also work hard to make sure that a fair and equitable settlement dealing with assets and debts is worked out between the parties involved and if not, prepare vigorously for trial.

If you are considering filing for divorce, it is important to speak with a knowledgeable attorney who can advise you on the best approach. At Sarah Carmody Law, LLC, I help clients prepare for divorce and create divorce strategies that protect their financial and parenting interests.